Liz Bondi
An emotional geography of psychodynamic practice

This performative paper explores aspects of the emotional geographies embedded in the thinking and practice of psychoanalytically-informed clinical work. I reflect on my journeys to and from a counselling setting, as well as the micro-geographies that take place within this setting.

Mal Burkinshaw
Emotionally Considerate Design for Fashion

Fashion remains exclusive, not inclusive. Brands continue to propagate unhealthy fashion images lacking diversity of body size, race, age, height and physical ability.  I will communicate how the tool of emotional consideration should be at the forefront of the fashion design research process; how can we educate our future designers to empower the customer through ‘emotionally considerate design’.

Daphne Loads
Academia as we feel it : exploring an uneasy profession

In this seminar Daphne will show how different understandings of emotion ripple through a newly  published collection of writings on academic identities.

Mary Holmes
Feeling, thinking, doing: How emotions help people act

Emotions are crucial to the everyday business of enacting how to live, This talk explore connections between feeling, thinking and acting and how the process involves other people. I explain what emotional reflexivity means and aim to illustrate how it might work using a range of examples from couples in distance relationships to British migrants returning from Australia to displaced children in Bogota.

Douglas Cairns
Language, literature, and history in the study of emotion

Life is an affective continuum. Affective experiences do not come ready labelled. But emotions also exist in language, and this makes a difference not only to how we study them, but also to the subject matter of the study itself. This brief talk will ask some questions about the role of language and literature in the cross-cultural and historical study of emotion.

Mark Miller
‘Affective realism’: The light and dark side of seeing-with-feeling

In this very short talk we will explore some of the recent neuroscience research underlaying the notion of ‘affective realism’, and some of the benefits mindfulness training may offer to those living in a world of feeling.

Siân Bayne
AutoEmote: heart-to-heart with teacherbot

Built by human teachers, the teacherbot automated elements of the teacher function within Twitter, and included some attempts at empathy, emotion and affect. This talk will use teacherbot’s forays in emotion to consider the ‘compulsory anthropocentrism’ of education and what that might mean for its digital futures.

Véronique Gilbert
Materialised emotions: aphrodisiacs, lingerie and affective economies in Dakar, Senegal

Based on 14 months of ethnographic fieldwork for my PhD thesis, this talk will briefly explore how the Senegalese art of seduction mokk pooj relies on material objects to express emotions and affectivities and consequently strengthen relationships.