A new network for academics with an interest in emotions.

In recent years, emotions have increasingly entered the gaze of researchers in different academic disciplines. A varied and interdisciplinary body of work has recognised the significance of emotions for shaping relationships, identities, inequalities, beliefs, aspirations, bodies, perceptions, health and wellbeing, practices, policies and institutions. Despite being centred around the unifying theme of emotions, such research differs widely in how ‘emotions’ are conceptualised and researched.

At the University of Edinburgh, activity around emotions is growing (e.g. international conferences, seminars, individual research interests). This project builds on these developments by creating a new space for interdisciplinary conversations about researching emotions. Scholars from various disciplines (e.g. health, nursing, education, neuroscience, philosophy, digital humanities, arts, psychology, social sciences, geography) share their work on emotions through a series of networking events using an accessible and creative ‘bite size’ format. Our videos and online discussions can be used as a research and teaching resource, and extend theconversations beyond the physical spaces of the university.

Presentations are intended to stimulate debates about the nature and working of emotions: are they cultural practices, neurochemical or psychosocial processes, states of the individual mind, or contagious algorithms? How can different disciplines share their understandings of emotions? This project explores what different ways of thinking about emotions can teach us about ‘the world as we feel it’ and how emotions-scholars can work together across disciplinary boundaries.

The network can be contacted at Emotion.Talks@ed.ac.uk